Julie has been interested in photography since her preteen years when she got her first camera.  With a natural creative ability and interest in art, Julie became known to friends and family for taking good pictures.  Her husband Mark, bought her her first 35mm Minolta x-700 camera 15 years ago.  The first wedding for a friend wasn't long after that, and things have snowballed since then.  Mark's only regret is when he has to stop and pull the car over so she can take a picture!

Julie has shot as a subcontractor for other photographers and companies, and as owner of Julie Lewis Photography doing everything from contractor photos, caterering facilities, high school seniors, yearbooks, proms, families, reunions, weddings, sports, newspapers, animals, magazine covers, babies and bellies. 

She currently shoots digitally with Nikon equipment, edits with Photoshop CS5, and as any good photographer should, always carries back-up equipment.  Julie is insured,  and has an office in her home to showcase her work and meet with prospective clients.  She has been a member of the National Association of Wedding Professionals from 2003 - 2010, and has served in the Upstate New York Chapter as Secretary, President, and Chairwoman of the Board. 

Julie and her husband Mark enjoy living on the 1860's farm that once belonged to Mark's parents, and where they are raising their 6 children (It's a great place for photos, too!).  They are slowly renovating it...room by room, and are even bringing back some of the farm animals that once graced it's premises--currently that's two horses, Havana, and Savannah, some chickens, 2 cats, and a dog...